What Spray on Bedliner Dealers Want Every Truck Owner to Know About Spray on Bedliners

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Whether it’s a new or used truck, buying truck is big investment. Regardless of whether you’re using it for work or play, there are many ways to modify, customize, and protect your truck. Doing so not only makes your truck look better but it can also enable it to perform better and may even extend it’s lifespan. Aside from regular vehicle maintenance and upkeep, one of the best ways to care for your truck and ensure peak performance is with spray on bedliners.

Truck bedliners are a simple way you can take toward protecting your the truck you worked so hard to buy. Truck bedliners are not only integral for maintaining the quality of your cargo as it’s being transported, but they’re also necessary for keeping your truck in good shape. A bedliner can protect your truck against dents, scratches, and other kinds of damage. Your truck can have the latest gizmos, gadgets, and luxuries on the inside, it have the biggest, toughest tires or the sickest paint job on the outside, but if it doesn’t have a bedliner, it’s simply not worth it!

Decisions, decisions, and options

There are two main types of bedliners available to pick up truck owners, drop in bedliners and spray bedliners. Though every truck owner may have their own personal preference, there’s no doubt that the spray on bedliners sold by spray on bedliner dealers have several benefits compared to drop in bed liners. Though drop in bedliners are known for their convenience because — as their name implies — they can be dropped right into the bed of the truck and removed easily if needed, they’re not without their drawbacks.

The spray in bedliners sold by spray on bedliner dealers have several advantages and benefits over drop in bedliners. Though both provide a dent proof, skid resistant surface to the bed of a truck that’s tougher than nails, spray on bedliners are known for their flexibility and ability to mold to the shape of the bed of your truck. This allows them to traverse over rough terrain without cracking or breaking. Generally speaking, they tend to be tougher and more durable which means you get more bang your buck.

Here are a few other reasons by spray on bedliner dealers keep selling these hot ticket items.

A snug, custom fit that actually fits

Unlike drop in bedliners, spray on bedliner dealers can create a bedliner made to fit the exact shape and size of your truck bed. That’s because the material is literally sprayed onto the bed directly, as opposed to simply dropped in. Drop in bedliners are only made for certain sizes, makes, and models of trucks, so one may not be available if you have an older model or a truck that has been customized. In many cases, those who have customized or older trucks don’t have the option of choosing which kind of bedliner they would like. Only a spray on bedliner will suffice!

It doesn’t take any shift

Over time and due to typical wear and tear, a drop in bedliner may begin to shift around in the back of your truck. Not only is this annoying and frustrating, but it may also expose the actual bed of your truck and scratch the paint. Not only are scratches unsightly, but they can also lead to further damage since the protective paint is stripped away. As a result, this may cause rusting due to exposure to moisture, salt, and air. But since spray on bedliner dealers spray a liner directly onto the bed the bed of the truck, this creates a custom fit and seal that’s both durable and flexible.

An airtight seal

As previously mentioned, drop in bedliners can crack and break over time, allowing moisture to find its between the bedliner and the paint of the truck bed. This can be especially damaging since it encourages corrosion, rust, and damage. You may not even notice this is happening until it’s too late. With spray on bedliners however, an airtight seal is formed that prevents this from happening altogether. Water has no way of getting through.

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