Two-Thirds Of All Truck Crashes Are Caused By Improperly Secured Cargo Using Truck Tie Downs

Your truck is your baby. You’ll do anything in your power to take good care of it.

This responsibility isn’t just for you, but for other drivers on the road. Everyone is better off when you take a little extra time out of your week to make sure your truck is enjoying the best equipment. That doesn’t just mean double-checking your tire inflation. Truck tie downs are a necessary addition to any truck driver that regularly transports heavy loads. Not only do your pickup truck tie downs need to be sturdy, they also need to be replaced at the smallest sign of damage.

Keep things simple. Check out the list below and learn how you can keep your truck tie downs strong 24/7.

Common Hazards On American Roads

The best way to stay prepared is to know what you’re up against. Before you look into truck bed hooks for your Ford you need to brush up on what makes today’s roads such a dangerous place to be. AAA recently finished a four-year study on errant debris, finding out this seemingly small issue was the cause of over 200,000 crashes. This same study concluded two-thirds of these crashes were the result of improperly secured truck cargo. Your truck tie downs aren’t just an obligation, but a safety measure as important as your seat belt.

Popular Cars Today

If you’re someone who doesn’t even have a car to call your own, this section is for you. Which car models are the most popular and which one will suit your lifestyle best? Light trucks have remained a coveted choice for many these past few years, with a recent study finding vans, pickups and SUVs outselling cars for five years straight. It’s jumped to a market share of 65%, to boot, and an additional study found nearly 20% of all vehicles sold in the United States are pickup trucks. That should give you some idea as to where you should start looking!

Buying A Used Vehicle

The used car is leading the pack. It’s an affordable way of getting yourself some reliable transportation without breaking the bank. A recent study found the average age of cars on the road is 11 years. You also couldn’t be in a better spot to search for different models, as your local used car dealer will have more than enough variety to match whatever speaks most to you. Are you interested in a single-passenger vehicle to help you move back and forth from college or have you been thinking of an SUV for the kids? If you’re thinking of a truck, the rest of the list will keep you covered.

Buying The Right Truck Tie Downs

Your pickup truck is your one-stop shop for camping trips, homeowning projects and basic runs to the store. It’s your responsibility to make sure all heavy loads are properly secured, as even the slightest lapse in strength can put others in danger. The WLL (or working load limit) is a good rule-of-thumb to follow for both beginners and experienced drivers alike. Also known as the ‘weakest link theory’, it provides a good example for future shopping excursions — a 4,000 pound chain held with a 3,000 pound hook will only be as strong as the weakest link.

Basic Safety Tips For 2018

You’ve got your truck and your goals. How will truck tie downs make sure you get there without a hitch? Your pickup bed tie downs need to closely follow the ‘weakest link theory’ or, as others may put it, a way to be safe rather than sorry! Keep in mind unmarked webbed cargo straps in good condition will be rated at a minimum of 1,000 pounds per inch of width. Any small debris that can’t be tied down should be secured in a box or put in the backseat to be extra careful, as even loose paper or nails can still hit a driver’s windshields and distract them.

Take good care of your truck and it’ll take good care of you. Buy the right truck tie down straps and make sure every journey is safer than the last!

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