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Trailer rental canada

Did you know that trucking in Canada is a $65 billion industry? Interestingly, since July 2012, cross border volume made up 71 percent of overall loads, while intra Canada freight made up 25 percent of total load volumes. If you are looking into Canada trailer sales or a trailer rental Canada, it is important to note that there several different different kinds of trailers. For example, the term “reefer trailer” or “reefer truck” is slang for a refrigerated trailer used to haul temperature sensitive goods. One of the first companies to introduce a mechanically refrigerated hauler was Baird, in 1929. Initially, the chemicals utilized in these reefer trailers were quite damaging. Luckily, however, while many pre 1966 trailers still utilize harmful chemicals such as Freon, numerous reefer owners have converted their units to an environmentally friendly coolant known as R 134a. Lastly, if you are looking into trailers it also important to note that trailer maintenance is key. You to replace trailer parts with quality equivalents in the event that they break. Quality, durable trailer parts keep a trailer running longer. Overall, trailer parts are essential.

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