Tips for Installing Your Tesla Outlet

This video will give you tips for installing your Tesla outlet. A home charging system is a non-negotiable requirement if you own tesla devices. You should install a home charging system that lines up with your device’s electrical rating; for example, a NEMA 14 30 extension cord is suitable for a 30A 250V electrical rating. Installing a tesla outlet yourself is relatively simple, provided you have the necessary tools, skills, and time.

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Some tools you need to install your tesla outlet include a volt breaker, wires, a cover plate, an outlet box, screwdrivers, a pair of pliers, and a multi-gauge wire stripper. After purchasing these tools, prep the position on your wall where you want to install the outlet. Remember to turn off the power during installation to avoid electrocution.

As you fasten your outlet box, put enough wire through it to ensure proper outlet attachment. You can then cut the wires to length before stripping them according to gauge and attaching them to the outlet. Fix the resulting connection into the outlet box while fastening the wire onto the stud for better stability. Don’t forget to install a volt breaker that is compatible with your outlet.

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