Tips and Tricks on How to Buy a Car

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With many metropolitan areas often lacking adequate and effective public transportation, Americans are buying cars at a larger rate, including one million more vehicle bought in 2014 than in 2013. It is often necessary to have a vehicle, as areas have become more spread out due to the movement to the suburbs.

Fortunately, Americans have many car buying options to choose from. Even though many opt to purchase a new car, whether for reliability or transparency in motor vehicle history, there are still many that purchase a used car. In fact, the average age of a vehicle in American is 11 years old.

For many Americans, purchasing a new or used vehicle means going to a dealer. While many still regard this process as stressful and cumbersome, with many looking at the dealer as going into a significant negotiation rather than a regular purchase, 43% of Americans look at a dealership as a place to learn, with 84% of consumers wanting to purchase a car in-person.

For those that purchase at a dealership, there are many options available as to finance the purchase of a vehicle. For instance, during the part where dealers broach the topic of financial terms, he or she will generally put in the conversation the subject of lease agreements.

Many car leases require anywhere from $0 to several thousand dollars up front, though the down payment is negotiable. It is possible then to get a long-term lease that suits your financial needs. Car dealerships often will run your credit to get a good idea of what lease you qualify for, then negotiate from there.

While purchasing a car can be a nerve-wracking experience due to the large amount of the purchase and the often stressful way of negotiating for these vehicles, it is possible to secure the deal you want while also purchasing the car that you will enjoy for years. A true car, one that you genuinely value, can run for over a decade with proper maintenance.

There are many online resources for those interested in purchasing a new or used car. One of these online resources is a company called True Car (abbreviated TrueCar). True Car gives dealerships a customer’s contact information to facilitate the process of reaching out to a new customer. The customer in term receives an online report detail what others are paying for the car. This can help with negotiations.

A similar service is provided by other companies, such as Kelly Blue Book and others. The same idea applies–give the customers an idea of what others are purchasing the car for, which can help with negotiations at a dealership.

Whether you are buying a used Chevrolet, a used car, a used truck, or general preowned vehicles, it is helpful to go into a negotiation with all the information you can have in order to protect your finances (and general peace of mind) during the negotiations.

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