Three Signs to Spot a Bad Fuel Injector

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One vehicle problem that is commonly misdiagnosed is those that require a new fuel injector. Many common vehicle problems can be attributed to this vital piece of car equipment. Save yourself from worrying what a mechanic will tell you with this upcoming information. In this list, we will be discussing three signs for how to tell if an injector is bad on a Cummins.

  1. Engine Troubles – A telltale sign of any fuel injection system having trouble is when the engine starts to develop issues. If the ratio of air and fuel in your vehicle isn’t at optimal levels, it can begin to cause performance issues.

    One key area for how to tell if an injector is bad on a Cummins is when you accelerate. If you notice that your vehicle is accelerating too slowly, this is a sign that you might need a new fuel injector. However, you can breathe a sigh of relief as Cummins injectors are widely available.

  2. Car Won’t Start After Fueling Up – One of the most common places for drivers to notice a potential fuel injector problem would be the gas station. If your vehicle has seemed to have more problems fueling up than normal, a fuel injector could be to blame. Vehicles with diesel engines are normally 20-40% more efficient than those that use gasoline which definitely means a Cummins shouldn’t normally have issues fuelling up.

    How to tell if an injector is bad on a Cummins is to check for difficulties starting your vehicle the next time you fuel up. If you notice any engine delays in starting, or it doesn’t start at all, it could be because of a bad fuel injector. You will want injection pressures to top out at around 30,000 psi which allows the fuel to burn more efficiently.

  3. Lingering Smell of Gasoline – When fuel isn’t reaching the location of the vehicle that it is supposed to, all sorts of problems can happen. However, your sense of smell can be a great aid in realizing the third sign that your injector is bad. When a fuel injector isn’t doing its job properly, fuel can end up either getting backed up or being released in too large of portions.

    Internal and external injector deposits can fail if an excessive backup of fuel is occurring. Those who know how to change injectors can quickly get to the bottom of your specific problem. Remember, it is never a good sign to smell excessive gasoline in your vehicle!

In closing, there are quite a few signs regarding how to tell if an injector is bad on a Cummins. If you’ve noticed new or additional engine problems occurring, you might need a new injector. Another sign you might need to see a mechanic is if, after fueling up, your vehicle acts like it is out of gas. Speaking of gas, if you notice the smell of gasoline lingering throughout your car it could mean a fuel injector replacement is in your future. No matter what the reason behind it is, most professionals can quickly fix your bad fuel injector.

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