The Worldwide Car Brand For The Ages Why Honda Has Remained The Number One Choice For Many

What separates one engine from another? That truly is the question.

Car enthusiasts are in an ongoing pattern picking out one brand from the other. One might boast better performance, but astronomical prices that can’t be kept up with. Another might be more affordable, but at the cost of more manual labor getting it up to speed. When you buy used Japanese engines and parts, however…you don’t have to worry about a thing. There’s a reason Toyota, Honda, and Subaru are some of the most well-recognized brands around the world. Whether you’re a new car enthusiast or a seasoned veteran, the list below is for you.

Let’s learn more about when to buy used Japanese engines and the brands that still turn millions of heads today.

Vehicle Production In Japan

Before we dive into the ins and outs of why you should buy used Japanese engines stand out…let’s look at some statistics. It’s estimated nearly eight million passenger vehicles are produced in the country every year. That’s pretty impressive when you consider population density and the advent of a rail system that makes many live comfortably without cars! You’re well aware of Toyota, Subaru, and Honda as industry powerhouses. This only becomes more apparent when you look at global statistics and what stands out to customers irregardless of budget or country.

Worldwide Vehicle Production

What do people look for in a good car? Worldwide statistics might have the answer to that. A forecast provided by PwC found nearly 105 million vehicles will be manufactured around the globe by the time 2020 arrives. When you consider how popular used cars are, and the fact many countries are becoming more adaptable to life without driving, that’s still a pretty impressive number. Honda alone sold nearly five million automobiles worldwide in 2016.

The Enduring Popularity Of Honda

There’s a reason why Honda is on the tongues of so many car enthusiasts and casual drivers alike. Just take a look at some of these industry studies! Back in 2016 Honda produced two out of the top five selling cars in the United States — you have the Honda Accord and the Honda Civic, both prized for their performance and appearance alike. Japan remains the United States’ fourth largest supplier of goods imports, thanks to a 2016 study, and the United States’ goods imports from Japan totaled $130 billion that same year. That’s not to say you should count out Toyota, though!

Everyone’s Favorite Toyota Brand

If you’re not looking for a high quality engine from Honda, you’re looking for one from Toyota. Back in 2016 Toyota topped the list of the world’s most valuable car brands with an estimated value of $30 billion. This same year saw the Toyota Camry, specifically, selling just under 390,000 vehicles. In just a few years Toyota will produce around 11 million vehicles to its name, cementing it as a brand to keep in mind. Low mileage Japanese engines remain appealing to many, the great equalizer of car resources.

Why To Buy Used Japanese Engines

You know for sure you want an engine that’s effective, long-lasting, and easy to find. Look no further than Honda or Toyota. What makes Japanese engines stand apart is just how much they get right all in one go. You don’t have to sacrifice performance for accessibility, nor do you have to cross your fingers and hope your purchase will last a long time. Used cars have become more popular these days for a reason…so it only stands to reason your Japanese used engines will give you much of the same joy for a smart price.

It’s time to commit to a Japanese engine import. Could a Honda or Toyota purchase be in your future?

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