Severe Vehicle Hail Damage Can Cost Thousands of Dollars

Just as you were getting ready to head out the door to take pictures of the Junior Varsity cross country meet this afternoon, you began to hear lightening and notice that the sky was growing darker by the minute. The fact that your daughter was not running in this meet was one of the reason that you hesitated, but the lightening also played a factor. Nearly 90 minutes later, the rain was heavy, and the lightening and thunder was significant, and the weather reporters were predicting hail.

You have lived in the midwest long enough to know that when the temperature drops nearly 20 degrees in less than an hour the weather threat is serious, and you were not surprised when you started hearing reports of at least one car damaged by hail. You knew, however, that before the the hail damage report was over there would be more than this one single car damaged. As a result, you made the decision to keep your car in the garage, bring your camera back into the house, and read a god book. The pictures would have to wait for another day.

A Car Damaged by Hail Often Has to Spend a Long Time in a Collision Repair Shop
Auto hail damage can be extreme, even if the storm is only short lived. In fact, with the combination of wind and heavy hail, even three or four minutes of hail can do significant damage. Consider some of these facts and figures about the auto body industry and the impact that it has on helping fix cars after a hail storm, no matter if it is a short three minute one or a prolonged one that lasts for hours.

From windshield replacement to painting a car, there are many kinds of repairs that need to happen after a hail storm. And while hail can cause a lot of serious damage, there are actually three other factors that can also lead to the need for auto body repair, including negligence, fender benders, and high speed collisions. All of these damages, of course, are often first examined by insurance adjustors to determine if they are worth fixing. After this report, a car owner often finds themselves in a place where they will need to cover the deductible amount, even if the rest will be covered by the insurance plan.

Unfortunately, there is a rear end collision on U.S. roads an average of every eight seconds, so even if you stay inside away from the hail and avoid the need for repair work for a car damaged by hail, you still may find yourself in a car repair shop.

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