Look for These Three Symptoms of Lb7 Injector Failure

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Diesel fuel has been around for over a century. The diesel engine was developed and first patented over 125 years ago by a man named Rudolph Diesel. Since that day, his name has been praised and sometimes cursed. It all depends on whom you talk to and under what circumstance.

The diesel engine is extremely useful and is very efficient. Diesel fuel is roughly 30% more energy rich than regular gasoline and cars that have diesel engines are up to 40% more energy efficient than cars that run on regular gasoline. The Lb7 Duramax injectors are the best diesel fuel injectors out there to meet the needs of the diesel fuel injection system that runs most cars and trucks.

In 2001, the RPO Lb7 injector was first introduced and continued until the beginning of 2004. It is a 32-valve design with high-pressure common-rail direct injection and an experimental composite cylinder design.

The Lb7 Duramax injectors are among the finest injectors made. As with everything mechanical, the Lb7 injectors will need to be changed from time to time. If you don’t know what to look for, you might miss the symptoms of your need for something new. It can cause a good deal of trouble to have one go bad if you are not prepared. Here are three things to look out for when you have to wonder if your Lb7 Duramax injectors are beginning to need changing.

1. White smoke is coming out when the engine is warmed up and idling.

If you are at a stop light or somewhere where the engine is warmed up and you are idling, if you see white smoke emanating from under the hood and smell a strong, unburnt fuel smell, you might be having a problem with your injector. The cause of this trouble is when more fuel is being leaked into the cylinder than is called for. The excess fuel is not hot enough to burn black, hence the white smoke. This is not a problem straight away, but it does become problematic if enough fuel is leaked to burn and melt the pistons or rings of the engine.

2. Another symptom of injector failure is extended or a non-start when warmed up.

The cause of this problem lies in having one or more injectors with high fuel return rates. If the fuel is returning, it means that there is not enough fuel being burnt in the cylinder to fire it. There is not much to be done here except to get new Lb7 Duramax injectors.

3. If you have fuel in the oil or if you have oil/fuel pouring out of the PCV tube.

The cause of this particular issue is usually a cracked injector body. The crack in the body is allowing the fuel to escape the injector and pour into the valve cover where the injector is. If this occurs, you must stop driving and get the easy job done of replacing the injectors. If you drive any further after discovering this problem, you will end up doing a great deal more damage to your vehicle.

The diesel engine has proven to be very efficient and very powerful. You can find the diesel engine in many parts of the country and, for that matter, making its way across the country in large trucks that deliver all kinds of goods and materials. These engines will last a long time and will be very fuel efficient.

The eighteen-wheelers that you see on the interstate highways of our country are using some of the best diesel technology ever invented anywhere in the world. Not too much has changed since the invention of the diesel engine over a century ago. What we know is, they are amazing when they are running well and can be problematic when they aren’t.

What has to be done on a relatively regular basis is to look for signs that smaller parts might need to be replaced. When regular maintenance is done to Lb7 Duramax injectors, to name one small component, diesel engines can be friendly to our environment as well as to our pocket books.

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