Learn These Tips From Auto Repair Garages

The video gives some excellent advice to people who work in auto repair garages. The goal is to assist people so that their work lives will be much more productive and effective. One tip the speaker gives to his fellow mechanics is that something is wrong if someone has to use some type of tool to force an o-ring onto an engine component.

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He claims that all o-rings can be put on with the person’s bare hands and perhaps a little bit of lubricant. The mechanic should also ensure that he or she is using the correct o-ring as well.

Another tip the speaker gives is for mechanics who need to remove and re-install the air duct parts of the engines. The mechanics should never shake these items to force them back into place. The speaker recommends that mechanics use silicone spray instead of all the other aggressive solutions. Spraying a tiny bit of the silicone material onto the hose will allow it to slide right into place afterward.

The speaker also gives some excellent tips for people who have trouble getting bolts in when they are hard to reach. He recommends putting a piece of paper around the bolt’s head and then putting that into the socket.

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