Increasing the Safety of Our Roads With Adult Driving Classes

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There are 214 million licensed drivers in the U.S. While a large percentage of U.S. residents have their driving license, many are unaware of proper driving rules when faced with unique situations. For example, what do you do when the traffic lights are out? What do you do when there is a four way stop, with no stop signs anywhere? Who has the right of way when turning left, without a stoplight? Many Americans do not actually know the accurate response to these driving situations. Adult driving classes may be the answer.

Increased safety on the roads
When adult drivers are left guessing what to do during these unique driving situations, it can get very dangerous. This is often how accidents occur. Adult driving classes and continued education for adult drivers can further educate current drivers on these road situations. With so many possible driving situations, one class can never cover all of the possibilities. Refreshing and providing new driving education to adult drivers can improve the safety on the roads, also reducing the number of accidents.

Better driving role model for teens
Teens learn to drive from their parents and from a driver?s education course. In their first year on the road, teens are almost 10 times more likely to be in a crash. This is due to inexperience and distractions. In addition to learning driving laws and practices, teens also pick up driving habits from their parents. When parents do not drive safely or are unaware of special situation driving rules, the teen is also not educated in these areas. When adults attend adult driving classes, they are able to be a better role model for their new, teen drivers.

Ability to learn new driving rules
As new situations arise, new driving laws are passed. For example, texting and driving was not illegal many years ago, because texting was not yet a thing. As new distractions are introduced, new driving laws are passed. An adult who received their driver?s license many years ago may not become aware of these new laws, until they are caught committing the crime. Because these laws are passed to increase safety on the roads, this can be dangerous to all drivers. Requiring continuing adult driving classes can ensure that all drivers, regardless of their age, are informed of new driving laws.

Increased awareness of safety tools
Every driver is aware of the lifesaving tool of the seatbelt. However, as new technologies are released and more advanced of vehicles are designed, additional safety tools are released. Some of these newer safety tools include rear parking, vehicle closeness notification, and teen driving restrictions. Adults who have had the same vehicle for many years are likely not yet aware of these new safety tools. Even if they do not decide to upgrade their vehicle to include them, awareness is important. Adult driving school attendance can inform adults of these updated technologies.

Practice driving lessons
By the time a driver is an adult, they have likely experience many different road conditions. However, some adults continue to avoid things like winter weather roads and freeways for lack of comfort. Traffic lessons and giving adults the ability to practice driving in these areas will only increase their skill and comfort, thus also increasing the safety of these conditions. Americans drive, on average, the least during winter months (January through March) at 25.7 miles daily, they drive the most during the summer months (July through September) at 30.6 miles daily. Adult driving classes increases the skill level of these less driven times.

Many of the drivers on the road today learned to drive many years ago. Since then, driving laws and techniques have changed. As we rely on adults to teach new drivers how to drive, this can be a problem. Adult driving classes can be a solution for adult drivers who have not had access to driving lessons in decades. They can learn to drive according to today?s technologies and driving situations

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