I Need To Replace My Rear Tractor Wheel What Are Today’s Most Popular Farmer Tire Brands?

Sometimes your equipment just isn’t doing its job.

You might notice the performance of your vehicle barely hitting the minimum standard. It might be something more obvious, like strange noises every time you turn the engine on. Whatever it is that has you scratching your head in confusion, looking for a replacement should be done as soon as possible. A rear tractor wheel that’s damaged can slowly seep money out of your pocket before you know what’s happened. There are more than enough custom tractor wheels to help you out of this rough spot and get your month sorted out.

Here’s a simple guide to get you buying the right combine tires and rims for sale.

Farming In America

The United States is a major leader in production for a reason. There are over three million farmers across the country, working hard in their respective industries to provide entire populations with food, materials, and goods. When just one tire pops? It can send the entire workweek into a tizzy trying to get back up to speed and make minimum. When you need new skid steer tires, turning to a specialized manufacturer is the way to go.

General Tractor Sales

Tractor sales are doing very well. Back in 1915 nearly 20,000 tractors were sold to individual farmers and families across the United States. By the time 1935 came around that number had spiked to one million. According to recent studies by Caledonia Solutions, 25% of large farmers (which means at least 1,500 acres of broad farmland under management) plan on increasing spending on new farm equipment technology. Combine tires, unsurprisingly, lead the pack.

The Tire Market

Do you focus more on brands or price when seeking out new tires? Many farmers today tend to stick with one or the other, as it’s just easier to sift through options when unified under the same logo. Goodyear owns at least 15% of the market share of the American farm tire market, particularly for smaller farmers. Modern Tire Dealer also saw Firestone owning 20% of the American market share, putting it in the top three most coveted brands. Choosing the best ones for your equipment is a matter of trial and error.

Quality Farming Tires

When figuring out your farming tire resources it helps to look where the money is going. The farming industry has accounted for an impressive $535 million of replacement tire sales in the United States. A survey conducted just last year by Caledonia Solutions found that, on the farm side of things, around 25% of large farmers were investing more in developing technologies. A tire brand that’s focused on switching things up might be a good way to get ahead of the curve. On the other hand, sticking with what you know can work best.

Choosing The Best Tires For Your Equipment

Your rear tractor wheel needs to be replaced. You know that much. The next step is figuring out what, exactly, has caused it to be a lesser option. If you’re looking for a tire that can better move through rough, thick ground, deep tread tractor tires are necessary to keep from taxing your engine. You’ll want to ensure you have plenty of spare tires on hand, to boot, as you can end up wasting a lot of time ordering replacements otherwise.

Every part of your tractor works in cohesion. Replace that worn-out rear tractor wheel as soon as possible and get back up to speed.

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