How to Know What Grouser Bars to Buy For Your Company

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Do you need to purchase grouser bars for your company? Maybe you are starting up a construction company so you need to know your options for grouser bar sizes. Maybe you have been running company for a while and need to replace a grouser bar or two. Either way, you don?t want to act hastily when purchasing any construction equipment or tools. Everything from grouser bars, to grouser steel tracks, to wear bars can be pricey. Make the most of your purchase by doing your research first.

Keep reading to find out more about grouser bar sizes, grouser bar maintenance and the different uses for grouser bars.

Different Kinds of Grouser Bars to Buy

There are a multitude of different grouser bar sizers and types of grouser bars you can buy depending on your needs. The first thing you need to do is be certain of your company’s direction. You don?t want to purchase equipment that ends up being useless to you because your company heads in another direction. You also don?t want to end up purchasing equipment that is only useful every once in a while. Make sure all the equipment you buy is worth more in return than the cost it was to invest in the piece.

When it comes to grouser bars, you can buy single grousers, double grousers or triple grousers. These different grouser bar sizers vary depending on your needs. For instance, a single grouser is good for a bulldozer. It only comes with one tooth. A double grouser may be more useful when you are using loaders because it has two teeth. Triple grousers are meant to be used with excavators because they have three teeth.

Some companies may need a variety of grouser bar sizes and grouser bar tracks. It just depends on where you think the majority of your income with come from with the company. Make sure to consider these options before purchasing any of these grouser bars.

Maintenance and Repairs for Grouser Bars

Once you decide which grouser bars to purchase for your company, it is very important to properly maintain them. They can be an expensive addition to your company as it is. You do not want costly repairs and potential replacements down the road simply because you did not take care of your equipment. On that note, it is just as important to make sure you are using the equipment only for what it is meant to do. Do not try to improvise with the equipment as you can risk damaging it.

When it comes to your grouser bar and grouser bar tracks, you want to ensure that you are always using the right kind. If the tracks are not adjusted properly, it can damage the grouser bar. For example, if they are too tight, there can be more wear on the bar at a quicker rate. It is natural for there to be some amount of wear over time, but too tight tracks will result in wear and tear three times faster than the normal rate.

One way to make sure that the tracks are not too tight on the grouser bar is to check and see how much sag there is for the track chains. When the chain is laid from grouser tip to grouser tip, it should sag around two inches. This is a good measurement to go by to make sure you are not potentially damaging your expensive equipment. If you try to make a habit out of following these tips and good practices, you can make sure that your construction equipment and tools last longer. Then, you are getting more for your money’s worth.

Hopefully you are prepared to start your research so that you can purchase the right grouser bar sizes and types for your company?s needs. Have you ever purchased grouser bars before? How did you decide what type and size you needed? Let us know about your experiences with grouser bars in the comments below.

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