How to Keep Your Truck Looking Nice for a Long Time

Truck bed liner spray gun

Because trucks are typically used for a lot of carrying, heavy lifting and manual labor, they can tend to sustain a lot of early wear and tear. Scrapes, bumps, dents and more are not uncommon on work trucks. However there are a couple of ways that you can take care of your truck if you don’t want it to look used up before its time. Here are just a few things that you can do to to maintain your truck’s body and paint work.

Hosing Off
If you live in an area that snows during the winter, the city probably puts salt on the road. As you drive, that salt can get kicked up onto the body of your truck. It will start to do the same thing to your paint that it does to snow- eat at it. Regular hosing off or going through a hands free car wash is a good idea in order to get salt and anything else that may be eating through your paint off. It’ll help to preserve your paint job just a little bit longer. Try to remember to thoroughly dry to truck as well, after washing or hosing down in order to avoid oxidation to the paint.

Waxing may seem like a cosmetic and unnecessary extra job to do but it’s definitely more than that. If you wax your truck a couple of times a year then it will protect the paint underneath it. The wax is what will get damaged first, but you can’t really see that and then you can always re-wax for fairly cheap. Having wax on your truck will protect it from flying rocks and pebbles in the road, grime, weather and anything else that is how to hurt the look of your truck. It only needs to be done maybe two and three times a year and is it pretty easy to do yourself. Although having a professional do the work may make the wax last longer.

Spray On Bedliner
Spray on bedliner is something that you can put in the bed of your truck to protect it. The bed of the truck probably gets the most abuse of the entire truck. Stuff is regular throw and scraped across it. Having spray on bedliners installed using a bedliner spray gun and wrap cut tape will help to keep the bed of your truck intact. Just be careful where you spray because once that stuff is on, there’s no getting it off. Spray on bedliner are a better idea that the drop in liners because you can ensure it’s exact fit into the bed.

Park Under Cover
If you have a garage or enclosed parking space, this is your best bet but if all you have is a canopy covered parking space, then it’s better than nothing. Parking your truck under cover will protect it from rain and hail and other weather damage including sun damage. Storing your truck under cover will not only keep it’s general look nice but it will make it last longer and work harder and more efficiently. In the end, that’s what you’re looking for right? Long, hard and efficient reliability. That’s what trucks are known for.

Maintaining the look of your truck really is more than just a ‘poser’s reality.’ Trucks last a very long time when taken care of and chances are, you aren’t going to keep yours forever. By keeping your truck looking and running nice, you will maintain the general value of it so you’ll be able to get your money’s worth if you decide one day to sell it or trade it in.

Even if a truck runs excellently, if the paint is oxidized and chipped and there are scratches and dents all over the body of the truck and the bed is all torn up from transporting heavy items, chances are you will not be able to get a good price for the truck. Look plays an important part in how much people are willing to pay for their vehicle. It could be the best running truck in the world, but it’s not the best looking, you’ll be hard pressed to sell for a fair price. Get more here.

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