Getting a Lost Car Key or Fob Replaced

A car is an expensive and useful piece of hardware, so of course a car’s owner will take its security very seriously. This means diligently using the car’s keys and fob to keep the vehicle locked when not in use, or thieves may soon get in and steal items inside or even the vehicle itself. Any American who owns a car or pickup truck will have a key and/or an electronic fob to use in this manner, and losing them can be quite a problem. A lost key fob or key means that the car owner cannot get into his or her own vehicle, and a lost key fob in public may mean that a stranger recovers it and may use it to break into th4e vehicle. Fortunately, professionals are available to replace a lost key fob or keys, and an auto locksmith can help a person get into their car until they find the original keys and fobs. Similarly, a person may need auto key programming or have someone reprogram key fob buttons, and key fob programming can be done easily. What to do if someone’s lost key fob or regular keys are not soon to be found?

Americans and Car Security

This is a fairly common problem, partly because there are simply a lot of cars out there. In fact, only about 8.7% of all American households did not have a car in 2016, and in that same year, Census data showed that the average American household had 1.8 vehicles. Similarly, around 222 million people in the United States had a valid driver’s license in 2016, and many of them are getting locked out of their own vehicles by accident.

This is a fairly ordinary and common occurrence, and thus, plenty of auto locksmiths are out there in case of a lost key fob or regular keys. Back in 2015, for example, the American Automobile Association reported receiving just over 4,000,000 calls from motorists locked out of their vehicles every year. Similarly, around 25% of Americans misplace their car keys twice a week or so, but this does not always mean getting locked out of their cars. A person may realize that their car keys or fob are misplaced, then recover them before they need to drive. A different scenario is when a person leaves their keys in the car, then close the doors without realizing what they just did. It is common for keys to get locked inside the vehicle, which is when the person will call for an auto locksmith to visit them.

Some cars use traditional metal keys, but others have other forms of security that are more advanced. Smart car keys, which prove popular among younger drivers, are more expensive to have made than regular car keys but they can offer high levels of security and convenience alike. Regular car keys may cost $3-10 to have made, and a smart key may cost $200 or as much as $400. Other cars, meanwhile, do not even have key holes in their doors or the ignition at all, and instead they only unlock from commands from the key fob. In this sense, the metal car key is “condensed” into the fob, and this can be convenient for some car owners. This means that the fob must absolutely not be lost, and such a car owner may want to choose a designated and secure place to always put their fob. A consistent and secure storage space may be best, rather than putting down the fob wherever there may be open space.

Other Security

Auto locksmiths are commonly used, and similar services are available if a person is locked out of their own home or if they cannot remember the combination to a safe. Small, mobile safes are common for storing electronics, money, jewels, and documents, but a person may lock themselves out of it by accident. If they can verify that they are indeed the safe’s owner, a professional may visit them and help them get it open. Business professionals may sometimes use safes for sensitive documents or laptops that are expensive and have sensitive files and passwords stored in them. Locksmiths may be called upon whenever necessary at the office.

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