Five Precautions You Should Take When Shipping That Antique Car

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Antique car transport may not be rocket science, but neither is it as simple as hitching your prized possession to your truck, or picking any old auto shipping company to do the deed. Your car probably has nearly as much personal value as it has monetary value. Whether you are moving your vehicle for a car show, or just to relocate, safely delivering that vehicle to a new relocation is extremely important. To save yourself any gray hairs, and to save your vehicle from any unnecessary damage, you can take these five precautions.

Choose a closed carrier.

Car shipping services provide a variety of options for vehicle owners, and one of the biggest choices that you will have to make is whether to use a closed or an open carrier. Closed carriers are more expensive, but they have the added benefit of protecting your antique vehicle from road and weather conditions. This is a benefit that many antique car owners feel is necessary.

Clean the car, and document any existing damage.

Vehicle shipping companies might have a checklist and procedure that they carry out before moving a car, which involves identifying any damage before the move and having you sign off on the current condition of the car. Once the car is delivered, you and the carrier will go over this list again, and you will sign off if you are satisfied with the delivery condition. You can go the extra mile and clean your car before it gets shipped, take pictures, and also keep a list of any preexisting damage.

Ask about special car moving considerations.

Some companies will take extra precautions when transporting antique cars, by using soft tie downs, or loading cars in such a way that extra pressure is taken off of more delicate car parts. You can ask whether certain routes are adhered to, in order to limit road “turbulence,” and you can check auto transport reviews to see how other individuals in similar situations found their experience.

Ask about the company’s insurance coverage.

Any auto shipping
service, but especially those with specialized transportation services, will have liability and insurance for their business. With antique car transport, it is especially important to confirm that the company can cover any losses or damages as a result of transport. It is worth finding out exactly what is covered by the company’s insurance policy, and noting exactly what events, damage, and accidents would be their responsibility. This way you can move confidently towards taking the last precaution on this list.

Check your own insurance coverage.

The auto shippers might have good insurance, but it is unlikely that they can cover everything, under any circumstance. If you suspect that to have all your bases covered you will need more insurance, then first check your existing insurance policy. Make sure that your insurance fills in the gaps.

You might be tempted to use a car shipping cost calculator to estimate how much it will be for your antique car transport needs, but you will be better off calling the company for a more precise quote. Since your car may require special services, and certainly requires special consideration, you will have a better idea of the total cost by consulting with the company. If you take these five precautions you will find the shipping process far less harrowing than any of the alternatives.

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