Finding the Right Sporty Car for You

Used luxury suv

Were you aware that the average vehicle usually has three owners during its lifespan? When taking both dealership and private-party sales into consideration, there are almost 40 million used cars exchanged every year.

The 2015 Used Vehicle Market Report, for example, showed that 38.3 million used vehicles were sold during that year alone. Across the industry, this was the highest rate for approximately eight years. According to Edmunds, 54% of the used vehicles sold during 2015 were three years old or less. When compared to 4.6 years in 2014, the average age of a used car sold in 2015 was 4.4 years.

When searching for used cars, such as sporty cars for sale, consumers usually look for a price range under $5,000. Used vehicles with automatic transmissions appear to be the preference, as they outnumber manual car sales by ten-to-one.

Are you in the market for a used vehicle, particularly one that is under five years old? If so, were you aware that you can purchase one that is certified pre-owned (CPO)? When you purchase a CPO vehicle, then you know that it has been thoroughly assessed and has been determined to be in good working order.

In general, banks won’t approve loans for cars that are over four-to-five years old, including sporty cars for sale. Furthermore, you will usually pay a two percent higher annual percentage rate for a used car than for a new one.

Most automotive dealerships, however, offer one-stop shopping. What this means is that they also offer on-site financing services. Since most dealerships work with five-to-ten banks or finance companies, they can assist you with obtaining financing. Furthermore, they also tend to offer competitive deals which is an added benefit.

Since your goal is finding the right car for you, it’s important to take your time and explore your options. There are a variety of high end used cars for sale, such as used Mercedes-Benz and used luxury sports cars. When you visit a used car dealership to test drive pre owned cars for sale, be sure to ask the dealership about financing.

Once you take your new pre-owned sporty car to the road, you will be happy that you weighed the benefits of purchasing a new versus a used car.

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