Find Out Why There Could Be a Golf Cart Dealership Next to Every Car Dealership In the Coming Years

Golf carts

Golf carts have become an iconic part of the game of golf. Perhaps an iconic part of motoring in general, really. You see them just about everywhere nowadays, from the obvious golf course to the college campus to the large sporting arena where security use them to get from place to place very quickly. Depending on what state or district you’re in, golf carts are more or less street legal wherever the posted speed limit is 35 mph or less. Typically, this would limit golf carts to residential areas and similar places, but that’s still probably a lot further than you might have thought they were allowed to go! If a golf cart is modified to go fast enough and is deemed steady enough at those speeds, they are basically treated as any other motor vehicle.

There is a retirement community in the United States called “The Villages,” which plays host to over 70,000 residents and houses over 100 miles of golf cart trails. In many of the surrounding areas, golf carts are allowed on the streets and onto residential territories.

It’s apparent then that not all golf carts necessarily have to be used on the greens or stay tethered to the course. Most people actually find them so useful and so able to provide mobility in a plethora of everyday situations, they buy their own. Golf cart dealers are everywhere! While the typically model you’d find for rent at the course might cost about $3,000, there are “luxury” models and other modified units that can cost up to $30,000! Golf cart dealers are everywhere, and they sell a wide array of both new and used golf carts fit for any situation, whether that be a relaxing game or an excursion along a 100 mile trailway system in sunny Florida.

If you do decide to enter the hunt for a golf cart for relaxing weekend games or more, consider that they’re just about perfect for everything. In these days, you could take a golf cart all the way to the store and back to get groceries!

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