Everything You Didn’t Know About Your Car and It’s Paint

Nothing is as upsetting as seeing that terrible scratch on your car. It probably means a trip to the store and some Mercedes Benz touch up paint, Dodge touch up paint, or whatever type of automotive touch up kit you need in order to restore your beloved vehicle. While you hunt around for the provider of that Mercedes Benz touch up paint you need, distract yourself from the pain by considering these interesting facts about our cars and their paint.

Ways to Scratch Your Car

if you want to have to search for Mercedes Benz touch up paint, then be sure to let your kids ride their bikes between your cars, hitting them with their handlebars as they go. Also, be sure to drive on dirt roads behind other vehicles and through brush and untrimmed roadway twigs and branches. Another good way to scratch your car is to give people a reason to key it by stealing a parking space, parking over two spaces, or blocking somebody in. You can also easily scratch your car by pretending to be a movie character and sliding over the hood, tearing it open with all the metal on your pants and shirt. Finally, always be sure to park your car as close to the sporting activities as possible. This is really the best way to make sure someone will find a way to scratch your car.

Things You Didn’t Know Could Damage You Car

There are some unexpected things that may send you to the store looking for an auto touch up paint kit. You’re going to need that Mercedes Benz touch up paint if you leave your car out in the rain a lot. Rain, though it seems like it should clean your car, actually pulls down pollution from the air and not only makes your car dirty, but also ruins the finish and eats away at the paint.

It seems like a harmless wedding joke, but spraying silly string all over someone’s car is actually very bad for the vehicle’s finish. If you can get it off while the silly string is still wet, everything should be fine. Wait till it dries, though, and it could peel off your paint when you try to get it off. Also, Bear in mind that anything with caffeine usually has an acidic quality that is really bad for your car’s exterior. Wipe it off as soon as you spill it.

Things You Believe About Your Car’s Finish That Aren’t True

Some are absolutely convinced that certain colors make them more visible and thus safer on the road. Unfortunately, there is very little research into car colors and crash rates that proves this. A study done in Australia found that white cars were approximately 10% less likely to be involved in a crash during the day, but most insurance companies don’t care very much about this. In fact, they worry that your beliefs that your car’s color will keep you safe will actually make you drive more recklessly. Another popular belief is that cars in the most popular colors–white and grey, for example—are less likely to be stolen. The reality is that thieves steal cars that are easy to resell. The more popular the color of your car, the more attractive it is to a thief. The myth of the red car also will not die. Insurance companies do not charge vehicle owners more for a red car than for colors. They care whole lot more about what model of car you drive and how you drive it. Finally, there actually is something to consider when it comes to the maintenance of different colors of cars. The darker the color, the more likely you’ll need that Mercedes Benz touch up paint. Scratches on lighter cars are just not as noticeable. On the plus side, when a darker car gets shined, it looks far deeper and more stunning than a car with a lighter hue.

Now you know a lot about cars and their paint jobs! Sorry about the scratch: better get a paint touch up kit right away.

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