Driving the Perfect Car Often Comes Down to a Matter of Paying for the Right Upgrades

You and your husband still have a great marriage, but you certainly have different interests. Especially when it comes to cars. Your husband recently leased some fast driving four door sports car and is still concerned that he has the best car audio system in the neighborhood. In fact, he paid for some major upgrades just a few weeks after bringing it home. Knowing that this lease will likely turn into a purchase, he did not skimp on the car audio system he selected. He is also threatening to to add a few other car accessories as well.

You, on the other hand, are just one year past driving a minivan. You like the crossover that you drive, but there are still times when you miss the fact that the van could seat seven when you had company. As for a sound system, you would never pay for any kind of upgrades because you rarely listen to anything more than the local public radio station. Tuning into your favorite speakers and authors hardly merits more than the factory radio that came with your new car. You definitely love the backup camera that is in this model, but you declined the offer when your husband suggested that he would pay for a remote car starter installation.

Needless to say, there is a little bit of an adjustment either of you ride in the other’s car, but most of the debates come to a quick end when you simply agree to just drive and share a conversation, instead of listening to the radio.

Today’s Car Audio Systems and Other Accessories Offer a Number of Ways to Customize Your Ride

If you think there are a lot of colors to chose from when you get ready to purchase a new car, then you have not been paying attention to all of the other kinds of upgrades that are available. And while there are many buyers who are happy with a car the way that it comes off the lot, there are many drivers who have many preferences that they simply do not want to do without. Consider some of these facts and figures about the most popular upgrades that people make to the vehicles that they drive:

  • 90% of car owners purchase exterior car accessories, according to recent industry statistics.
  • 100% of drivers who were operating vehicles without back-up cameras or audible sensors ran over a child-size stationary object that had been unexpectedly placed behind them, according to a a Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) study.
  • A private party seller may be able to sell their vehicle for up to $1,000 more than if it were not detailed by having a used vehicle detailed before showing it to prospective buyers.
  • A modern convenience that many car owners do not want to do without, many remote car starters can turn on a car from up to 1,500 feet away.
  • Teenagers drive more safely when they know they are being monitored by an in car system, but statistics show that nearly 50% of all teenage drivers will be involved in a crash before graduating from high school.
  • Expected to exceed $142 billion in revenues by the end of this year, the exterior car accessories industry is predicted to reach revenues of nearly $255 billion by the end of the year 2024.

Whether it is a decision about the kind of stereo to order for a new car or whether or not you want to have the windows tinted, there are many considerations when it comes to making the purchase of a new vehicle.

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