Driveshaft Repair 101

Driveshaft problems are relatively common and can also be difficult to repair. Fortunately, you can find a lot of information covering how to address issues with driveshafts and you can also work with a driveshaft services. If you’re going to work on drive shafts, it helps to have a lift so that you can hoist the entire vehicle up.

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Then you’ll be able to see the u-joint and other things, which will make it easier to identify issues.

Before working on the driveshaft, it’s smart to step back and take a look at the underside of your vehicle, the general appearance of the shaft, and other things. You may notice obvious problems or damage. If so, you can start your investigation there. Often, however, you will have to dig deeper.

The u-joints are one of the most problematic parts of the driveshaft with many models. If you can hand rotate the driveshaft and find play in the u-joint, then the joint itself is probably the issue. Also, look for missing clips or busted caps on the bearings.

Once you start working with the driveshaft itself, you’ll want to take the fasteners out. Then you can take off the flange off the rear pinion and check if there is a problem with the splines. Dirt build-up, broken welds, and many different things can cause issues.


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