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We have all heard the horror stories about used car shopping, and are well aware of the mythological shady used car salesman. But the fact is the best used car websites can help customers save 15 to 20 percent off the cost of a brand new car; and when the average cost of a new car is around 31,000 dollars, used car shopping might be the best alternative.

When people buy a new car, they do not want to hear about depreciation. But there is no avoiding the fact that as soon as they drive off the lot, the value of their new sedan will already depreciate by three thousand dollars. Even worse, by the end of that first year, it value will decrease by additional ten percent! This means one can purchase a 30,000 dollar car today, keep it covered in his or her garage for a year, and it will only be worth around 22,000 dollars after one year!

However, for used car shoppers, depreciation might be their best friend. This is particularly true if they follow some smart buying used cars tips. When shopping for a used car, car sales websites are the best place to start. The reason for this is searching an online inventory allows used car shoppers to get a handle on variables such as make, model, year, and mileage without feeling pressured. They can also compare advertised prices with those listed on car research websites. This allows buyers to walk into a car dealership better prepared.

Of all the buying used cars tips out there, the most important is choosing a dealership. Although most people do not realize this, new car dealers are the best place to buy a used car. This is because new car salesman have more incentive to sell new cars, because car companies usually offer bonuses based on the sales of new cars. Therefore, if a customer is adamant about buying used, there is more room for negotiation.

As the prices of new autos continue to rise, buying used is becoming a popular option. Plus, if you factor in how much new cars lose to depreciation annually, who wants to spend 35k on a car that will lose 10 percent of its value each year? The bottom line is buying a used car might be the wisest choice car buyers could make.

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