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When you think of advertising, your mind probably immediately goes to traditional mediums, such as print, television, radio, or the internet. But have you ever thought about alternative (and inexpensive) methods to promote your service or business? You might give it a second thought after reading this.

The outdoor advertising industry (billboards, wallscapes, etc.) has almost doubled in the past decade and is worth nearly $2.1 billion today. There is another segment of the industry that you have probably seen, but never thought was right for you. That segment is full vehicle wraps, otherwise known as car wrap advertising or vehicle wrap advertising.

For the cost of anywhere from $250 (for partial vehicle vinyl wraps) to $5,000 (depending on size of vehicle, windows, intricacy of the vinyl car wrap design, etc.) you can reap a return on investment in mere days. In fact, it is estimated that full vehicle wraps get viewed between 30,000 and 70,000 times a day. What’s more, for many marketers, they have seen an increase in business by more than 100%!

And if you’re worried about damage, think again. Properly applied full vehicle wraps made from vinyl leave absolutely no damage to your car’s paint job. In addition, if executed by a professional, often times the quality is so high-end and pristine that the applique is often mistaken for an actual paint job.

There is one caveat to this endeavor, however. Do your research and choose a professional car-wrapping company. If unsure, consider these critical factors:

Do They Guarantee Their Craftsmanship?
Any reputable auto wraps company will guarantee their work with a warranty. Depending on the climate where you live, quality full vehicle wraps should last from three to five years.

Are They Certified?
In order to maintain the look (and longevity) of the wrap without harming your vehicle’s exterior, only choose certified installers. It doesn’t hurt to check out their Better Business Bureau score, either.

Strategy is Everything
The last critical factor is to find full vehicle wrap specialists that understand marketing. From a design perspective, the colors and verbiage you select could be a hugely determining factor in the success of your car wrap.

Have you used a vehicle wrap to promote your business? If so, please feel free to share your success story below!
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