Buying A Used Reefer Trailer: What You Need to Know

UPDATED 12/11/20

The decision to buy a used car is often influenced by the cost comparison of buying a new car. However, other important factors play into this decision and so you need to take your consideration a little further. Most definitely, used reefer trailers are cost-effective than new reefer trailers. But as with any second-hand product, used carrier reefers are likely to bring some challenges after.

Some of these challenges are what make the process a bit daunting than when buying a new vehicle. Essentially, buying a new car directly from the manufacturer comes with a guarantee and most of the information about the vehicle can be easily verified. For used cars, not guarantees are given so you need to take extra caution and verify that the carrier reefer trailer is in good shape before you commit.

How to choose a used reefer trailer

If you’re looking to add more carrier reefers to your fleet, choose a used reefer trailer instead of a new one for cost-effectiveness particularly when working on a tight budget. Today, there’re many channels — both online and offline, where you can buy a used reefer unit so it’s you to choose which one suits your specific needs and saves you money.

If you can find a well maintained pre-owned reefer unit its performance is much like a new one and sometimes the difference between the two options is so small to be noticed or have a significant impact in the unit. Therefore, it’s not essentially true that pre-owned reefer under-performs provided it meets the basic standards such as structural integrity.

When it comes to transporting food products, there are different types of trucks. But many still consider reefers as other types of delivery vehicles and this is mainly attributed to functionality, convenience and durability. The only difference is that carrier reefers are refrigerated and specially designed for carrying perishable goods and other temperature-sensitive goods. Standard delivery trucks and dry vans don’t offer an ideal condition for certain types of products.

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Operation Hours in Relation to The Manufacturing Date

Another thing you need to consider when buying a carrier reefer is the registered hours versus the manufacturing date. It’s possible to get a new reefer that has locked in more operation hours than a similar pre-owned one. And this is what you should look for. The average operation hours of a reefer trailer are 3,500 hours per year — if you get a unit with less than that then it shows ho gentle and functional the unit is still is. All you need to do is do a thorough search and choose a used reefer that is a solid investment all the way.

Reefer Units Manufacturer

The trucking industry is dominated by several reputable reefer trailer manufacturers. But the two main brands, which are among the most widely used, are Thermo King and Carrier. The two makes have minor differences but Thermo King reefer trailers are designed with smaller and user-friendly refrigeration unit compressors, while Carrier reefers are built with a robust electronic system. Die to insignificant differences, the two makes have pretty much the same durability and functionality. Whatever your option is, Carrier and Thermo Kings are considered the most reliable truck for the delivery of food goods.

Initially, you’d have to visit a dealership to choose a used reefer. While this method is still considered effective it’s still proved to be inconvenient to some people. That’s why you need to consider online dealerships, where you can sort through a variety of trucks to find what impresses you. For truckers and anyone looking to buy a used reefer, technology has made it possible and all you do is visit online dealerships. From here you can compare trucks, make offers, and even negotiate payment terms.

While there are several choices of trailers on the market, the cost plus your specific need should determine the kind of trailer you will get. For example, if you want a luxurious trailer, then you could consider custom built horse trailers with living quarters. But for transporting furniture and hauling and carrying construction supplies, then you could consider going for a utility trailer. However, although the best place to buy utility trailers could be builders warehouse trailers for sale, it’s also advisable to request the trailer dealer to provide you with all the required documents attached to the trailer of your selection. Failure to do so could be an indication that you could have problems with the DMV after you have bought.

You should also consider if you need trailers plus financing or not. Remember, commercial trailers used for hauling equipment could be directly financed through dealers with either business or personal loans. However, it could be hard for them to secure that kind of loan if they do not have the required credit score. Besides, the interest rate could be high. Therefore, ask for all the necessary documents of the trailer you want to buy, then read and understand them before making any purchase. More so, a good utility trailer should meet the service you bought it for, so identifying your area of need first could help you buy a trailer of your dreams.

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