Benefits of One-Owner Vehicles

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Used car dealerships certainly know the value that one-owner vehicles have. However, certain potential car buyers are not always aware of why one-owner vehicles are so highly sought after. When selecting a used car, you want to make sure that you are getting great value. If you want the new car feel without the new car price tag, strongly consider choosing a car that only has one previous owner. Here are four benefits of choosing a one-owner vehicle.

  1. Like New Condition – The most obvious reason for purchasing one-owner vehicles is because they are usually in great condition. For anyone that wants a nice car without paying the new car price tag, one-owner vehicles are a great choice. When choosing one of the many used cars for sale, it is important to consider one that is certified pre-owned.
  2. Easier Loan Potential – Most used car buyers are unaware of the fact that most banks will not hand out a loan for a car that is over 4 or 5 years in age. One-owner vehicles are usually in greater condition than older vehicles. However, choosing to purchase one-owner vehicles ensures that you have an easier time obtaining a loan to do so. Used car dealerships want to work with you to find the best price possible. Choosing a one-owner vehicle helps to make the loan process easier which can, in turn, enable a dealership to work with you further.
  3. Highly Reliable Vehicle – Having a vehicle with only one previous owner helps to ensure that you are getting a reliable vehicle. In most cases, the more owners a vehicle has the older it is. An older car may be less expensive but you could have to worry about repairing worn down parts in the future. However, with one-owner vehicles, they are usually newer which means that the parts within the vehicle are newer too.
  4. Increased Peace of Mind – Finding a one-owner vehicle is great. However, if you can tell that the previous owner was someone who kept their car in amazing shape, you’ve got a winner! A buyer usually feels more at ease with their purchase when they know that their vehicle only had one previous owner. The more owners that a car has, the more likely any potential buyer will be wondering who all has driven this car. In situations where the previous owner number is rather large, this can really steer away potential buyers as it is seen as a more high-risk purchase.

In summary, there are many benefits associated with choosing a one-owner vehicle. The condition of an automobile that has had one previous owner will likely mean that this vehicle is in incredible condition. Banks typically offer loans for vehicles that are five years old or newer which makes a one-owner automobile an easier approval. Great condition means that a vehicle is usually highly reliable, another benefit of vehicles with only one owner. You’ll likely feel better about your purchase knowing that your vehicle has only had one owner before you. On average, a vehicle will have three owners during its lifespan. If you are an owner that takes good care of your vehicle, expect to receive a higher trade-in value, should you desire to do so.

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