9 Great Reasons to Go With a 12-Valve Cummins Engine

When it comes to diesel engines, there are a number to choose from. For many, the 12 valve Cummins performance makes this the “go to” for diesel engines. Here are some other reasons to choose this over other options:

  1. The design is sleek and simple. It has a cast-iron head and block. The connecting rods and crankshaft are made of steel. The inline-six design combines with a controlled direct ignition that makes the 12 valve Cummins performance so great. These also make this kind of engine very durable and reliable. If you are looking for better fuel economy, this is the option for you. The simple design also makes these engines very fuel efficient. Another way this design makes this such a great option is that it makes the engine easier to maintain.
  2. The connecting rods have an I-beam design. This means they are ideal for activities such as sled putting and drag racing. These rods are able to withstand about 1,200 rwhp before being impacted.
  3. The rod bolts last longer. The rods that are put in at the factory are not terrible. But with a capacity of only 800 rwhp, their lifespan is limited. As the engine is used and begins to show signs of wear and tear, their performance will suffer. Some of the best 12 valve Cummins performance parts are the rod bolts. In fact, the 12 valve Cummins’ rod bolts can be up to 23% stronger than what you would get from the factory.
  4. Each cylinder supports six bolts. Because of this, you will not have to worry about blowing a head gasket with the 12 valve Cummins. This holds true even in cases where you have greatly increased the cylinder pressure. In this kind of engine, the stock head bolts are able to withstand pressures up to 100 psi without becoming deformed.
  5. You get more bang for your buck. The 12 valve Cummins is a mechanically-injected engine. That means there is no need for an engine control module (ECM). Without the cumbersome computer getting in your way, you can manually boost your horsepower with some simple changes you can make to your engine on your own.
  6. The parts are interchangeable. Not all parts can be switched out but a number of them can be. Some of these include:
    • Connecting rods.
    • Camshafts.
    • Turbos.
    • Injection pumps.
  7. It is cost-effective to upgrade the injector. In engines with electronic control over the fuel injection system, it can be hard to make modifications and enhancements. It is much easier to boost 12 valve Cummins performance as this is a mechanically controlled system. The ease with which these changes can be made reduces the cost associated with making these adjustments.
  8. These have seriously hardy turbochargers. It has been found that the 12 valve Cummins has some of the most durable turbochargers on the market today. The engine itself was built to handle about 20 psi in boost but that has been known to be able to handle a doubling of this. Upping the boost pressure can also lower the temperature of the gas exhaust and gives the engine more power. Not all engines can handle these modifications.
  9. The performance potential can be almost limitless. Unlike other engine types, the 12 valve Cummins performance can be boosted to levels most others cannot handle. This means it is possible to do far better in certain settings such as competitions. There are few other kinds of engines that can be boosted and experience improvements in performance in ways that are not possible in other engine types.

As was already mentioned, there are a number of different diesel engines on the market today. The 12 valve Cummins performance makes this one of the most popular and versatile engines around. It can be modified and enhanced to meet an individual’s needs and wants. These are some of the reasons this is one of the more popular engine models available.

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