5 Reasons to Always Ask for a CarFax Report

When purchasing an automobile, you’ll typically have the option of buying new or used. Statistics gathered from a 2015 Used Vehicle Market Report found that there were 38.3 used vehicles sold annually. Considering that, it’s important to ensure that you’re purchasing a quality used automobile. One way to accomplish this is by obtaining a CarFax report. With that in mind, here are five reasons to ask for a CarFax report while looking at used cars for sale.

  1. Learning True Amount of Previous Owners

    One of the most important concerns when looking at used cars for sale is finding something with a low amount of previous owners. Without a CarFax report, you’re only going to be guessing at how many people owned an automobile that is up for sale. Having this report enables you to see exactly how many times a used car for sale has been previously sold.
  2. Finding the Truth About Previous Accidents

    Unfortunately, many automobiles are involved in accidents each day. As you’re looking at used cars for sale, it’s understandable to want to know if these automobiles have been involved in accidents. With a CarFax report, you’re easily able to find out the number of accidents an automobile has previously been involved in. You can also find out what damages were reported after the accidents took place. This helps you know for sure exactly what kind of accident used cars for sale were involved in.
  3. Flood Damage

    It’s impossible to accurately predict the damage caused by floods. These storms can sometimes sweep up entire streets within minutes. Unfortunately, a large number of automobiles suffer damage in areas where flooding occurs. While this is unfortunate for sellers, it’s even worse for buyers who purchase an automobile with unknown damages. Considering that, a CarFax report will be able to let you know if the automobile you’re looking at has sustained any type of flood damage.
  4. Ensuring Title is Free From Liens

    There are certain purchases including homes and automobiles in which it’s important to obtain what is known as a clean title. A clean title is one that is free from liens. You’ll never want to purchase a vehicle from used car dealers that have liens on the title. This means that there is still a debt to be paid on an automobile, making it impossible for you to own the car. In addition, you have no legal right to resell property or automobile with liens, making it a mostly worthless investment.
  5. Knowing Accurate Mileage Information

    Another important reason to obtain CarFax information about an automobile is to have accurate mileage numbers. Statistics show that most frequently searched for used vehicle price range is something under $5,000. Considering that, purchasing a used automobile is a major decision. Unfortunately, individuals can sometimes try to trick sellers by enacting all sorts of trick to make mileage amounts read lower than what they actually are. However, a CarFax report will provide with truthful mileage information which helps you to make a more informed automobile purchase.

To summarize, it’s important to obtain the CarFax for any automobile you’re interested in purchasing. In addition, you’ll also want to consider taking a test drive. While statistics show that 20% of those purchasing used cars don’t take a test drive, it’s an important purchasing factor for many. It’s understandable that many feel cautious about purchasing a used automobile. However, CarFax reports have enabled many buyers to take the frustration and guesswork out of finding the perfect used car.

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