Three Things You Need to Know about Buying a Used Car

By on October 10, 2013

Buying a used car tips

Did you know that, for every new car sold, 3.3 used cars are bought? It’s fair to say that more people are interested in used vehicles than new ones. Used cars cost less, don’t depreciate as quickly in value, have a known history, and often come with slightly lower insurance rates. Thinking about buying, but wondering how to choose a used car? No problem. Here are our three top buying a used car tips that will help get you behind the wheel in no time.

1. Used Car Negotiation Tips

Did you know that 83% of people will use a search engine to find out information about their car options? Research is essential in getting a good deal. You should try and get an idea, too, of the make and model you’re interested in; 52% of potential buyers can’t answer this before arriving at the dealership, making their research less effective for negotiation. Come in with actual price quotes for the same or very similar vehicles. Your dealer won’t be impressed by just a clipped ad in the paper; this ads are often intentionally misleading, and not worth much as a price counterpoint.

2. Once You Decide on a Car

So you checked out car research websites, haggled with your dealer, and you’re pretty sure this is the car you want. Is there anything you’re forgetting? Hopefully you remembered to get a car history report using the Vehicle Registration Number. Those ads you always see aren’t just gimmicks; these car reports can deliver a lot of important information. Odometer fraud is one issue you can find using VRN research; you can also see if your car has undergone major damage. You might be surprised to find out that 50% of flood damaged cars end up resold, even though these vehicles almost always have microelectronic damage.

3. Buying a Used Car Tips: Cheap Car Websites

If you’re not opposed to buying a car through the internet, you might be able to find some good deals this way. Hopefully you won’t be like Paul Stoute, however, whose daughter, while playing with his smartphone, accidentally bought him a car off eBay. Unlike a toddler with too much technology on her hands, you should take time before clicking “yes” to purchase. Make sure the buyer is trustworthy, and again, run the vehicle info. Keep in mind that a cheap car can be more expensive if you have to ship it across country, and see if you can test drive a similar model at a used car dealership to get a feel for braking and suspension.

Do you have any buying a used car tips?

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